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Sep 12

Leadfeeder is a fast-growing international SaaS scale-up. We are on a mission to bring web intelligence into business. Simply put, Leadfeeder helps companies know more about their website visitors, which enables them to convert promising visitors into sales leads.

We’re excited to share that Leadfeeder has merged with Echobot, a leading provider of European Sales Intelligence. As a result, we now have 250+ team members based across 30+ countries and six offices across the US and Europe. Together, our companies are striving to be the leading sales intelligence and go-to-market platform in our core European and North American markets.

Are you a self-starter looking to learn and grow as part of a world-class team? We are hiring many key people around the world to strengthen our rapid growth. Join our journey!

We are organized in feature-oriented, cross-functional squads. Each squad is responsible for specific features of the product, and works tightly together with high autonomy.

We pride ourselves on keeping apps working smoothly, and the codebase tidy and well-tested. We dedicate time for upgrades, refactoring, and overall improvements for developer productivity and happiness.

We believe in listening to everyone's ideas and feedback – no matter what your role is, you get to have a say in the product and technical decisions of your squad.

Role description:

Backend Engineers at the data collection squad at Leadfeeder work developing and maintaining the components responsible for processing millions of data events we collect every day, enabling many of the Leadfeeder products we offer to our customers.

Being part of the Data Collection squad at Leadfeeder involves working with a broad series of components and technologies. These include (but are not limited to): our website tracking script tool that our customers install on their websites, the APIs and data pipelines built with serverless and streaming technologies supporting the data collection pipelines, or the internal data services where we store and make this data available to other parts of our systems.

Curiosity and passion for constantly learning new things is also key part of this role. We are always looking to improve how we work and what tools we use. We dedicate time to research and testing new technologies to improve our systems and make them work more efficiently and reliably.

What you’ll work on:

  • Work with streaming and serverless components supporting the data collection pipelines such as AWS Kinesis and AWS Lambda.
  • Work optimizing and storing effectively all the data we collect, using various databases such as DynamoDB, AWS RDS & Aurora, Elasticsearch, or Redis.
  • Build internal applications mainly in Ruby, running in Kubernetes and communicating with gRPC and streaming technologies.
  • Develop new features in the website tracking script that we provide to our customers.
  • Help operate the data collection systems in our production environments on AWS.
  • Provide code reviews to your peers

What you'll bring on:

  • Deep experience with any object-oriented programming language and willingness to learn our stack. We use Ruby as our main programming language in the backend, but we are not afraid to use other languages if they are the right tool for the job.
  • Experience with JavaScript and website tracking script technologies is a plus.
  • Interest in building scalable streaming systems using technologies such as AWS Kinesis and AWS Lambda.
  • Understanding how to model and build applications using microservices architecture patterns. If you have experience with Kubernetes and gRPC is even better.
  • Strong software architecture & data modelling skills to base engineering decisions on product vision
  • Experience in DevOps and Infrastructure is a plus, especially in AWS, Terraform, Docker, or Kubernetes
  • Ability to help and improve the work of your colleagues through your teamwork and communication skills
  • Experience managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting production-grade web applications
  • Be physically located within European timezones


  • Personal budget for home office improvements
  • Company hardware or monthly financial support for using your equipment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Access to weekly yoga/fitness/meditation classes online
  • Mental Health support
  • Bi-annual company retreats

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