Sales Development Representative


Full time



Nov 17

Wanted: Awesome Sales Development Representative is growing and we’re on the lookout for the next sales superstar to join our ranks. Over the last year, we have created a product like no other. We have oceans of data, we have all the right tools to analyze it and single out what’s really important - all we need now is bright and driven sales talent to help us get our solution in front of the relevant prospects.


Ideally, you were that kid who collected rocks and traded them for sweets from the other kids in the kindergarten, convincing them they got the better end of that deal. In other words, you’re a natural and selling is that thing that you were always the best at.

Us: is its people. We are a diverse group, both in backgrounds and interests, held together by a number of shared values. For one, we all have a very ambitious side to us, as individuals and as a collective working towards the same goal. We love fun. Friday bars, movie nights, Mario Kart tournaments - basically any excuse we have to hang around and make our jobs not seem like a chore. If you don’t find a friend here, we will take it as a personal failure.

The Hiring Process:

  • You find this ad. Your eyes light up. Is it love at first sight?
  • You read the ad. It seems too good to be true. You want to fact-check us.
  • You make a decision to apply - if nothing, then to see if we really are as cool as we sound.
  • You let us know you’re interested. Send in a formal application, email us, give us a call, send a carrier pigeon… The possibilities are endless.
  • You sell yourself! Tell us about that long history of exceeding your targets or outperforming your peers. Or about the newly-found passion for sales that separates you from the rest.
  • You visit our office and meet our team. You’re allowed to do some of that fact-checking you’ve been hung up on since step two.
  • You get to brag to everyone about how great your life’s become. And all of that because you’ve stumbled upon this ad.


Don’t overthink it - just apply. We know you want to. Maybe you’re happy with the current state of things, but you can always be happier - right? Hit that apply button. Meet us. Give Ocean a chance.

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